Best Practices

Flow of fund from the State Project Directorate to the Colleges: To maintain transparency and accountability in utilizing fund for implementation of the approved schemes for colleges, the fund received from the Government are directly deposited to the RUSA Bank Account of colleges.

Skill Development: Projects under Vocationalisation components are implemented by the colleges along with the Institutional Level Project Monitoring Unit (PMU). Colleges have identified and selected various vocational courses which are most relevant and beneficial for the students’ community. Almost all the colleges have incorporated these projects in the academic syllabus as Add-on-courses.

State Project Directorate: Since the RUSA projects works in tandem with the Department of Higher Education, the Administrative Staff of the State Project Directorate (SDP) are drawn from within the system for better coordination in executing works. The Secretariat Staff are appointed on fixed-pay basis to strengthen the SDP. In addition, the RUSA SPD is directly coordinating with the State Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC) for Accreditation of colleges.

Institutional Level Projects Monitoring Unit: Members of the Institutional Level Projects Monitoring Unit are nominated by the college and approved by the Department of Higher Education. The Principal of the college by designation is the Chairperson of the Unit. The Administrative Approval of the PMU is necessitated to avoid frequent changes in the organization, which otherwise may cause undue inconveniences in the implementation of the ongoing projects.