Best Practices

Best Practices

High Expenditure on Higher Education: Education and Health are priority sectors in Goa. Over the years the State Government has been providing huge funds on the Higher Education Sector. The expenditure incurred during 2014-15 is 1.086% of GSDP. It is expected that this figure will touch upto 1.4% in 2017-18. 
The higher level of expenditure is due to the following: 
a) Natural expansion of the higher education sector. 
b) Creation of new posts. 
c) Starting of new courses. 
d) Continuation of existing schemes and promotions of new schemes. 
The State Government has been running novel schemes which are as under:

a] Under which students are provided with a loan of upto 15 lakhs (3 lakhs per annum) for five years for studies in India and 16 lakhs for studies abroad. In any given year around 25 to 30 crores are paid out as loans. The recovery level is also as high as 97%.

b] Goa Scholar Scheme: Under this scheme maximum of twenty Goan students are selected as “Goa Scholars” wherein 20,000 US $ are granted to students studying abroad in institutions of repute and upto 6 lakhs for studies in India. An amount of Rs.2 crores every year is paid out to the students.

c] Scheme for Financial Assistance for the students seeking admissions in the institutions of excellence like IIT, IIM etc.:Under this scheme those of the students who get admissions in IIT, IIM, BITS, IISC etc. are refunded full fees back. In addition, Book grant and hostel charges are provided by the Government. Every year around 1.5 crores are paid out under this scheme.

d] Bursary Scheme (Sant Sohirobanath Ambiye Dnyanvrudhhi Shishyavrutti): Under this scheme students whose parental income is below Rs.3 lakhs per annum is reimbursed an amount of Rs.40,000 (maximum). Fees should not exceed Rs.60,000 per month. An amount of Rs. 3 crores is spent every year.

e] Scheme for Promotion of Pure Sciences: Under this scheme any student who joins pure sciences with a percentage of 75 and above, is provided a scholarship of Rs.2000 per month, for 10 months and till he completes his Post Graduation. The students are also given book grant of Rs.5,000 per month. Annually around 30 lakhs are spent on this scheme.In addition to this there is a Scheme for Orphans, Scheme for Tribals etc.

Academic Autonomy on HE: The Goa has only one University i.e. Goa University which enjoys total academic autonomy. The Vice-Chancellor and other major functionaries are appointed by the Governor and these appointments do not require any approval from the Government. The University is totally autonomous in its academic functioning. The University is largely supported by the Government by way of giving full salary grants and part non-salary grants. Further the resources raised by the University are never adjusted towards grants. As a result of this academic autonomy and financial support, Goa University is in position to get an A Grade. It has been able to start various new courses and introduce academic reforms. The University has already introduced Choice Based Credit System for its Post graduate courses and now proposes to extend to Under graduate courses from 2016-17.

Faculty Recruitment: All vacant seats in all Colleges in Goa are filled wherever qualified candidates are available. Wherever qualified candidates against reserved categories etc. are not available such seats are filled through contract teachers but this figure is absolutely very small in number. Goa is the only State in the country which pays a maximum Rs.45,000/- per month to its contract teachers. The Goa Government has also permitted to fill all vacant seats of Professors, Assistant Professors and Associate Professors in the Goa University and Colleges which is in the process of filling the same.